We offer conference and meeting rooms for all types of occasions. Our smallest conference room, Josefina, seats up to eight people in a board meeting sitting and is ideal for the small meeting.

Our largest room, the Bryggarkungen auditorium, accommodates up to 140 people and then we have everything in between.

Our most unique venue is Bellman who houses a cozy wine cellar.
All our conference rooms, except Bellman, have large and tall windows for naturally emitted light. The gives an uplifting effect, combined with the fact that the premises are modern and fresh, make the Westman Palace a very representative place to have your conferences at.
In addition, the rooms are equipped with the latest technology and we offer everything you can possibly need for your event to be successful.

Your next conference

Book your upcoming conferences at the Westman Palace.
We are a conference center in the heart of Stockholm that can offer you a complete package for your next conference or business day.
Thanks to the adjacent Restaurant Westman, we can also offer the highest level of food and beverage consumption in addition to the conference rooms.
We offer business- and conference lunches and three-course meals, and our star chefs will make sure you satisfy your taste buds.

Technology and equipment in the conference rooms

All of our conference- and meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
All projectors are ceiling mounted, and of LED variant and in combination with a sound system from BOSE, we deliver a media experience in the absolute top layer.
The conference and meeting rooms are also equipped with dedicated service buttons so that the help is quickly on hand if any questions or concerns arise.
Of course we offer all our guests Wi-Fi.
In addition, there are whiteboards and flip charts in all rooms and notebooks and pens to the participants.
All conference and meeting rooms (in addition to the Bellman wine cellar) and our auditorium Bryggarkungen is equipped with windows that provide a bright and fresh atmosphere.
The natural light also has an uplifting effect which is amazingly good for the hours of the afternoon after a long conference day.


Adlersparre is named after the officer who belonged to the liberal opposition during the reign of Gustav IV Adolf and led the military uprising that led to the king’s removal in 1809, in a military coup, which took place from the Westman Palace.


A representative meeting room with board seating for up to 10 people.
The room is equipped with large windows and has a fantastic natural lighting.
The room has a board meeting table and ergonomic chairs.


A representative meeting room with board seating for up to 10 people.
The room is equipped with large windows and has a fantastic natural lighting.
The room has a board meeting table and ergonomic chairs.


Our auditorium Bryggarkungen is the heart of the Westman Palace. The hall seats up to 140 people in permanent cinema seating. High ceilings and amazing light emitting thanks to the large and tall windows around the entire room.


Josefina is one of our meeting rooms.
The room is ideal as a meeting room or group room and has a natural light emanation, thanks to large windows the room gives a bright and pleasant atmosphere.
The room has a fixed elongated board with 8 seats in comfortable and ergonomic office chairs. It is easy to connect to the ceiling-mounted projector and the room is also equipped with BOSE sound system.


Karl Johan is one of our medium-sized conference rooms.
The room will be furnished according to your wishes. A fresh and pleasant atmosphere thanks to large and tall windows that emit daylight and give a fresh feeling for the participants.
It is easy to connect to the ceiling mounted projector and sound system from BOSE.


The conference room Oscar is ideal for the small or medium sized group as the room accommodates up to 25 people.
The room has natural light emitting thanks to several large windows and emits daylight which gives a light and airy atmosphere.
In addition, the room has a total flexibility thanks to no fixed seatings. If you have any special requests then we will solve it.