Two- or Three course dinner

We use locally produced, organic and environmentally-/climate certified raw materials as much as possible.

Combine your own 2 or 3 course dinner, choose one of the following starters, main course and/or desserts.


Hash browns with crème fraiche, whitefish roe, red onion, lemon & dill SEK 179

Salmon tartar with whitefish roe, creme fraiche, rosé pepper & lemon SEK 179

Toast skagen with whitefish roe, lemon & chives SEK 179

Steak tartar with egg yolk, capers, red onion, chervil and rose pepper SEK 169

Mushroom soup with herb cream SEK 169

Main course

Fried halibut with artichoke purée, browned butter, horseradish, fried bacon and krasse SEK 320

Fried beef steak with baked root vegetables, roasted broccoli & red wine sauce SEK 295

Corn chicken fillet with porter-cooked mushrooms and baked sweet potato with kale
& blue cheese SEK 285

Fried goat cheese with beetroot carpaccio, truffle honey, figs & roasted walnuts and arugula SEK 280


Crème Brûlée SEK 125

Key lime pie in cocktail glass with fresh strawberries and grated white chocolate SEK 115

Vanilla panacotta with apple cookie crunch, fresh berries and raspberry coulis SEK 120

Ginger pear with cinnamon, mint and vanilla ice cream SEK 125